We have recently started a new program to promote language,culture and understanding. It is called ELLA and this stands for (Early Learning Languages Australia).

ELLA is a fun and easy digital language program for preschool children.
The program is an Australian Government iniative aimed at encouraging more students to study language.

The program has been successfully integrated into hundreds of preschools across Australia as part of a two-year national trial. Following overwhelming positive feedback from families and educators,it is now being made available to all preschools in 2017.

We have selected to learn Chinese-Mandarin this year and believe that it will create opportunites to enrich the language and culture in the apps through activities such as cooking,stories or music,or inviting family members to share their culture at pre school.

ELLA aligns with the Austalian Governments screen time recommendations for young children,with a maximum of 40 minutes per week across multiple small sessions.

Research has shown that exposing children to learning language at an early age encourages them to continue language studies at secondary school.

Playing with the ELLA apps helps children develop and use cognitive and social skills.They will share the tablets and their knowledge,interact and help each other.
Langauge learning improves memory,concentration and critical-thinking skills.Using the ELLA apps also increases childrens digital skills.

For more information, please visit the website here