4-5 year olds

We have fun in the Whales Room.

The Whales room caters for 4-5 year old children in the year prior to Kindergarten.

Our focus is on preparing children for their transition to more formal styles of education and ensuring children are both stimulated and challenged throughout the routine, activities and experiences.

Our curriculum has a specific emphasis on play-based learning, which recognises the importance of communication and language (including early literacy and numeracy) together with social and emotional development.

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Kids Reading

We work in partnership with families, using the Learning Outcomes from our Early Years Learning Framework to guide our planning for children’s learning.

We know that in order to engage children actively in learning, we need to identify children’s strengths and interests, choose appropriate teaching strategies and design varied and interesting learning environments.

Our aim is to provide children with an environment where they feel, safe secure and supported as we know that this framework helps to build confident and involved children who naturally have a passion for the role of lifelong learning.

Our curriculum has a specific emphasis on play-based learning, which recognises the importance of communication and language together with social and emotional development.


Daily schedule


6:30 – Centre opens
Children arrive, unpack bags and start quiet inform activities : Manipulatives, puzzles and books, playdough,clay, drawing, writing, painting, small group board games

7:30 – Breakfast

7:45 – Pack-away and outdoor activities
Self-selected from planned activities

9:00 – Morning tea in the Whales room

9:30 – Programmed experiences-Intentional and spontaneous teaching
School readiness-Yarnin circles. Language/Literacy/Numeracy. Dramatic play. Researching topics of interest.

10:30 – Whales Room
Art/craft/table activities. Puzzles/playdough/manipulatives. Small group cognitive games and activities.

11:30 – Whales Room
Music and movement. CD’s, partner dances aerobics, ribbons, active games, Munch and Move, Yoga, etc.

12:00 – Lunch



12:30 – 1:00 Rest and Relaxation time. Phonics groups
Focus on phonics. Electronic whiteboard, Yoga, Meditation Stories.

1:00 – Whales outside – Free choice play

2:00 – Afternoon tea

2:30 – Whales and Dolphins indoors
Sensory experiences. Cognitive experiences, fine motor skills, small groups, language and literacy, dramatic play.

3:30 – Pack away time – Whales and Dolphins room closed
Children help to tidy, put shoes on, pack bags and lockers.

4:00 – Unstructured free play
Bikes, sand pit, outdoor gym.

5:00 – Late afternoon tea
Quiet activities, books, puzzles, play dough, manipulatives, etc.